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Frost and 32º F at the beach.Rain and 60ºF The Bolles School



Weaver Lake Elementary, a Math, Science and Technology School

Maple Grove, MN

The students are out enjoying the 25 degree day on the snow hill. Two days earlier the temperature with windchill was -19 degrees.

Rainbow Bridge International School (RBIS)
Shanghai, China

Ms. Alexis, Ms. Linnea, and Ms. Kate walk to school in the snow!


Rainbow Bridge International School (RBIS)
Shanghai, China

Snow on the playground!

The Bolles LowerSchool
Ponte Vedra Beach Campus
Ponte Vedra Beach, FLDSC_0273.JPG

Will and John by the Palm Tree.

1st_grade_playground.JPGThe First Grade class at Ponte
Vedra Beach. Foggy and 59 degrees.